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A vertical community of Federal big data leaders, project managers, industry, and government IT community stakeholders focused on public-private collaboration and best-practice exchange.

Upcoming Meetings
Zero Trust: The Next Federal Frontier

Join us to discuss the road ahead, including how Federal leaders can pivot off the new strategy to drive innovation while implementing zero trust, educate and train the workforce – and secure the nation in the years to come. […]

New & Next: Put Data to Work for Mission Success
DOD ICAM and IL5: Mission-Critical Cloud Security

Join us to discuss DOD’s rapid move to the cloud and to dive into IL5, exploring its stringent security controls, the potential consequences if mission-critical systems or data are compromised, and why IL5 ICAM is so vital to protecting cloud systems in today’s ominous cybersecurity threat landscape. […]

Cyber Smoke - Where Fed IT Gets Social

Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 20, and join us at the Morton’s in Washington, D.C. for this summer’s Cyber Smoke event. Engage with cyber professionals from various private and public sector organizations who play a crucial role in driving the technology ecosystem forward – day in and day out. […]

Past Meetings

USGIF invites you to join us for the GEOINT 2023 Symposium—the largest annual gathering of geospatial intelligence professionals in the nation. With an average total attendance of more than 4,000, the event is a unique and unparalleled gathering of the GEOINT community, with attendees spanning government, military, industry, and academia. […]

Cyber Smoke - Where Fed IT Gets Social

Join MeriTalk for an evening of networking and honoring individuals who have made significant contributions across cyber programs in Federal IT, all while enjoying a cigar and cocktail on Morton’s patio. The Morton’s dining room is also available for dinner reservations onsite. […]

Cyber Central May 2023 - Public-Private Priority

Join MeriTalk for Cyber Central in Washington, D.C. on May 17 for an examination of the strategy, challenges, and opportunities it brings to public and private sector organizations. Government and industry IT leaders will explore cyber policy, zero trust, supply chain security, cloud security, information sharing, and more. […]

Centralize and Secure Your Agency’s Digital Workspace
Identifying and Closing the AI Gap

Join us on April 18, 2023, to discuss the most in-demand AI skills for Federal organizations and mission partners, and what we can do together to close the skills gap and advance emerging AI use cases. […]

Axonius Federal Forum 2023
ServiceNow Federal Forum

At the ServiceNow Federal Forum, explore how Federal innovators are connecting people, processes, and technology to innovate at scale, deliver value faster, and simply work better. […]

Cyber Smoke - March 2023

Join us on Thursday, March 9, at Morton’s The Steakhouse, to celebrate the first Cyber Smoke of 2023, our unique networking tradition and must-attend event, where you can socialize with other cyber professionals from across government and industry who make the tech ecosystem tick and go above and beyond – day in and day out. […]

FITARA Awards and FedRAMP Celebration

FITARA is a fixture in Federal IT and remains an important measure of how agencies are prioritizing modernization. In partnership with Congressman Rep. Gerald E. Connolly, join us for our FITARA Awards, a complimentary award ceremony and networking reception on March 1 at 5 p.m. to honor Federal IT excellence, based on the FITARA Scorecard 15.0 grades. […]

Digital Transformation Summit

This year ACT-IAC and MeriTalk are collaborating on the third Digital Transformation Summit focusing on use cases as well as the culture, customer experience emphasis, and training that are essential to successful implementation of the right digital technology. […]

People First

Government agencies are seeing a rise in targeted cybersecurity attacks that cannot be defended with a zero trust approach alone. In this webinar, MeriTalk and Proofpoint will sit down with a public sector expert to discover how a people-focused approach can make a real difference in their cybersecurity efforts. […]

OutFront 2023

SAIC’s OutFront program on January 25 will explore the opportunities created by widespread adoption of agile, innovative solutions. […]

New & Next: Looking Beyond Boundaries

Join MeriTalk, industry experts, and government leaders on Wednesday, January 11, to learn where the tech revolution is headed – and what may be new and next. […]

Cyber Smoke December 2022

Join us on Thursday, December 15 at Morton’s The Steakhouse to celebrate the last Cyber Smoke of 2022, our unique networking tradition and must-attend event, where you can socialize with other cyber professionals from across government and industry who make the tech ecosystem tick and go above and beyond – day in and day out. […]


As the DoD works toward the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) framework to share sensor data across land, air, sea, space, and cyberspace forces, data captured and managed at the edge is enabling better and faster decisions. To achieve the vision, the joint forces need the capability to build applications once, deploy them in any edge location (forward operating base, vehicle, semi-autonomous weapon system, etc.), and freely migrate workloads to other hardware when needed. […]

Splunk Gov Summit

Splunk’s GovSummit 2022 is returning in person to Washington, D.C. on December 14. Join leaders in both government and industry to explore how to build the cyber resilience you need to make your mission possible. […]

New & Next: The Government Tech Renaissance

We’ll explore the innovations driving a tech revolution that is changing government IT – and the world. Government leaders and industry experts will discuss the latest emerging technologies and trends, engage in innovative demonstrations, and present the best use cases from across the Federal ecosystem. […]


Google Public Sector is bringing together government and industry leaders from federal, state, and local government from the United States and around the world. Speakers include Jeanette Manfra, MK Palmore, Thomas Kurian and others. […]

Red Hat Government Symposium

It takes perseverance, know-how, cooperation, and cutting-edge technology to address government’s biggest challenges. […]

GDIT Emerge 2022

Join us at the crossroads of innovation and mission to see how technology is expanding new horizons in innovation for health agencies. Explore how technologies like AI, machine learning and 5G are expanding health access and delivery, while advances in cyber protect critical health data. […]

Cyber Smoke - Where Fed IT Gets Social

Join us on October 27 at Cyber Smoke, our unique networking tradition and must-attend event where you can socialize with other cyber professionals from across government and industry who make the tech ecosystem tick and go above and beyond – day in and day out. […]

Cyber Central - Secure by Design

Join MeriTalk for Cyber Central in Washington, D.C., on October 27 to engage with government and industry leaders as we spotlight critical cybersecurity topics spanning endpoint, cloud, hybrid workforce security, critical infrastructure, secure development, and more. […]

DocuSign Symposium
Cyber Smoke - Where Fed IT Gets Social

Join us at Cyber Smoke, our special networking tradition and must-attend event where you can take advantage of the opportunity to socialize at Morton’s The Steakhouse on July 28 with other cyber professionals from across government and industry who are passionate about their work, spark great ideas, and go above and beyond – day in and day out. […]

MerITocracy 2021

Located at the crossroads of tech advance and the future for American democracy, the conference brings together bi-partisan and bi-cameral policy leaders and industry innovators to focus on creative thinking at the nexus of policy and technology: education and workforce, global competitiveness, security and privacy, diversity and inclusion, cryptocurrency, infrastructure, and citizen services. […]

CDM: The Multitool in Your Cyber Kit

Join us for the “CDM: The Multitool in Your Cyber Kit,” a complimentary webinar on June 23 at 1:30 p.m. EDT, where we’ll discuss MeriTalk’s research findings, including how Federal agencies can leverage the CDM Program. […]

Zeroing in on Application and Data: 2022 Federal Zero Trust Maturity

In the final piece of a four-part webinar series, MeriTalk will sit down with IT industry and public sector experts to specifically address the Application and Data pillars of CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model. We’ll discuss optimal maturity, progress to date with Application and Data implementation, and expected challenges in inventory management, access authorization, governance capability, and automation and orchestration capability. […]

Cyber Defenders Celebration – May 2022 Cyber Smoke

We’ve seen a significant evolution of government approaches to cyber strategies through the pandemic, and it’s time to recognize those driving innovation and ensuring our nation’s cyber security. Socialize with cyber professionals across government and industry at Morton’s The Steakhouse on May 19 and celebrate the Cyber Defenders Award winners. […]

Cyber Central - Mission: Cyber Resilience

Join Federal government and industry experts on Thursday, May 19 at MeriTalk’s in-person Cyber Central to explore how agencies are advancing approaches to build a more resilient government cyber security posture. […]

Achieving Cyber Resiliency: A Roadmap to Protect Agency High Value Assets

Join MeriTalk and Cohesity for the “Achieving Cyber Resiliency: A Roadmap to Protect Agency High Value Assets” webinar on May 3 at 1:30 p.m. EDT, as we map out the top considerations for improving agency incident responses, restoring data, and strengthening cyber resiliency. […]


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