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This webinar explores how edge computing improves agility by leveraging flexible compute platforms and placing compute and tooling closer to decision-makers in the field, touching on the concept of data gravity. […]

How Federals Agencies Can Take the Next Steps on AI/ML

Join us to discuss the myriad opportunities and challenges presented by the growth of AI and ML, and how policy, practical experience, and investments in IT infrastructure and personnel can come together to help agencies make the best use of these powerful technologies. […]

Cyber Smoke October 2023

Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 19, and join us at the Morton’s in Washington, D.C. for this fall’s Cyber Smoke, our unique networking tradition and must-attend event where you can socialize with other cyber professionals from across government and industry who make the tech ecosystem tick and go above and beyond – day in and day out. […]


Dell Technologies Forum is the premier tech conference for technology enthusiasts and business leaders looking to drive innovation and growth! Join us for an immersive experience that brings it all together – the emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies, dynamic speakers and concrete ways people like you are transforming organizations. […]


Modernizing government missions through digital innovation is about delivering outcomes and measurable results faster. And driving these outcomes is more complex as government leaders work to meet mission demands amidst escalating threats, increasing citizen expectations and the need for secure, data-informed decision-making. […]

Red Hat Government Symposium

At the Red Hat Government Symposium, we’ll explore what agencies need to unleash AI’s promise, whether that means accelerating time to innovation, improving military readiness, or delivering personalized and predictive services to citizens. […]

The complexities of IT, in the private and public sectors are growing exponentially. Government  IT systems come with their own special set of risks, demands, and a need for even greater security. MeriTalk hosts frequent federal government IT events that give IT experts from across a broad spectrum of government agencies a chance to learn more about the latest developments, explore best practices, and of course network with other IT professional

These government IT events focus on topics that are important for keeping your data safe and helping agencies use technology in the most effective way. As the number of connected devices outnumbers workers, cyber-threats become ever more sophisticated and Big Data only continues to get bigger, these federal technology events provide information to connect and collaborate with government IT professionals from other agencies and areas of specialty.