Upcoming Events

Zero Trust: The Next Federal Frontier

Join us to discuss the road ahead, including how Federal leaders can pivot off the new strategy to drive innovation while implementing zero trust, educate and train the workforce – and secure the nation in the years to come. […]

New & Next: Put Data to Work for Mission Success
DOD ICAM and IL5: Mission-Critical Cloud Security

Join us to discuss DOD’s rapid move to the cloud and to dive into IL5, exploring its stringent security controls, the potential consequences if mission-critical systems or data are compromised, and why IL5 ICAM is so vital to protecting cloud systems in today’s ominous cybersecurity threat landscape. […]

Cyber Smoke - Where Fed IT Gets Social

Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 20, and join us at the Morton’s in Washington, D.C. for this summer’s Cyber Smoke event. Engage with cyber professionals from various private and public sector organizations who play a crucial role in driving the technology ecosystem forward – day in and day out. […]

The complexities of IT, in the private and public sectors are growing exponentially. Government  IT systems come with their own special set of risks, demands, and a need for even greater security. MeriTalk hosts frequent federal government IT events that give IT experts from across a broad spectrum of government agencies a chance to learn more about the latest developments, explore best practices, and of course network with other IT professional

These government IT events focus on topics that are important for keeping your data safe and helping agencies use technology in the most effective way. As the number of connected devices outnumbers workers, cyber-threats become ever more sophisticated and Big Data only continues to get bigger, these federal technology events provide information to connect and collaborate with government IT professionals from other agencies and areas of specialty.