The Department of Labor (DoL) is making progress on its goal to take an enterprise approach to department administration, especially when it comes to IT, according to a Q3 Fiscal Year 2019 update to the agency’s priority goal posted on September 19.

Planning for the move to an enterprise shared services approach – part of DoL’s goals under the President’s Management Agenda, has been relatively successful, with the department aiming to begin implementation in FY2020. In Q3 of FY2019, DoL reorganized the CIO’s office “to support transition to DoL Enterprise-wide IT Shared Services,” the update says.

“DOL’s administrative functions are decentralized. This has led to fragmentation, duplication, inconsistent implementation of administrative functions … and uneven customer service,” DoL said. “A shared services model for the delivery of core administrative services will provide greater efficiency and improved quality, while allowing program agencies to focus on mission and programs,” it said.

The CIO office reorganization is just one step of the move to centralize agency IT functions. In addition to that, the office conducted fireside chats, kick-off meetings with component agencies, and other employee engagement activities. The department also began reengineering critical IT processes and conducting workforce analysis to “inform the future-state organizational structures.”

By the end of the current fiscal year, DoL is on track to integrate agency data repositories in the department’s data analytics platform, which is the final aspect of DoL’s goals for FY19. The agency also aims to get 10 agencies involved in stakeholder meetings and decrease on-prem virtual servers by moving to the cloud.

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