Outdated Data Centers
Infrastructure Psychology: Overvaluing Outdated Data Centers

We’re all guilty of it – holding onto something for longer than we should because it’s familiar. We know it’s costing us time, sanity, and sometimes even money, but we can’t quite let go. Turns out, the same is true when it comes to our relationships with data centers. The average IT manager overvalues their current infrastructure equipment so much, that it’s usually only worth about 15% of their estimate. Why do some IT managers find it so hard to let go?

MeriTalk surveyed registrants from the 2019 AWS Public Sector Summit to understand how IT managers assess the value of their current data centers, what factors they consider when moving a data center, and the most common excuses they hear for keeping outdated data centers open. We explored motivations, hesitations, and other perspectives around moving to cloud and identified what costs, both actual and theoretical, are factored into the decision-making process.

Download the “Infrastructure Psychology” infographic to discover:

  • Which key factors are used when assessing data center value?
  • What are the most common excuses for keeping outdated data centers?
  • What percentage of government agencies still hold onto outdated data centers?

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