Innovation Imperative
Innovation Imperative: The Drive to Modernize DoD

DoD defines mission-critical IT.  Leveraging advanced computing platforms that level silos, scale, and bring advanced capabilities like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile computing – all wrapped in superior security –  increasingly define winners and losers on the battlefield.

But, while expectations are high, today’s service environments remain disjointed, tangled, and mired in yesterday’s technologies – holding DoD back from delivering critical, actionable data to warfighters, where and when it is needed.

In the Innovation Imperative report, MeriTalk surveyed 150 DoD IT decision makers to understand the state of their IT infrastructure and applications.

Download “Innovation Imperative: The Drive to Modernize DoD” to discover:

  • How legacy IT is jeopardizing national security
  • Why cloud is mission-critical
  • How DoD sees cloud shaping the future, and more

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