The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has added customer experience (CX) to its Core Values and Characteristics guidelines – a move that indicates that VA will prioritize CX in its mission.

The department-wide addition of CX to VA’s guidelines was announced in the Federal Register today.

“Maintaining a sustained organizational commitment to, and institutionalized focus on, the voice of the customer is a critical component of modernizing VA to meet the needs and expectations of Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors,” the rule says.

The Federal Register document says that given the large and diverse population VA caters to – including millions enrolled in VA healthcare or who receive VA disability compensation or home loan benefits – codifying CX will ensure that the vast number of stakeholders in VA programs “will receive the proper emphasis at all levels within VA.”

Declaring CX as a core value aligns with many of the preexisting initiatives within VA IT and digital services, particularly – from redesigning to make it more user friendly to seeking avenues to create interoperable electronic health records to increase VA patient power over their healthcare records.

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