Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick , R-Pa., on March 7 introduced H.R. 1612, dubbed the “Nonpartisan Bill For The People.” The legislation is the GOP’s answer to the Democrat-backed H.R. 1, which cleared the House last week. Both bills include measures to increase voter participation and election security, among other election-related measures. The House bill does not currently have a companion bill in the Senate. The GOP-backed House bill includes measures to:

  • Improve election cybersecurity by protecting elections from hacking and ensuring new innovations in election infrastructure are secure;
  • End gerrymandering;
  • Require automatic voter registration;
  • Institute a Federal voter ID law;
  • Implement open primaries;
  • Prohibit members of Congress from receiving pay during a government shutdown and prohibit retroactive pay for members of Congress once the government is reopened;
  • End congressional pensions;
  • Keep foreign money out of U.S. elections;
  • Reduce the influence of so called “dark money” in U.S. elections;
  • End gridlock at the Federal Election Commission by reducing the number of commissioners from six to five;
  • Strengthen ethics laws; and
  • Mandate candidates disclose their tax returns.
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Kate Polit
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