According to a new survey, a majority of organizations keep at least some of their mission-critical apps in the cloud, signaling a shift in how enterprises place their trust in cloud services.

The survey of 501 global IT decision makers, conducted by the Cloud Foundry Foundation, finds a seven percent increase from 2017 in organizations that keep mission-critical apps in the cloud – bringing the total up to 51 percent – while 45 percent keep them in legacy environments.

“For the first time, most companies have reached a point where mission-critical apps have been moved to the cloud,” the study states.

Looking to future trends, the survey results show 50 percent of decision makers plan to implement microservices and serverless computing by 2021. Currently, 15 percent report using serverless computing. Other emerging technologies leading the “planning” board include artificial intelligence at 49 percent, and blockchain at 48 percent.

“Companies must plan for new and emerging technologies to stay ahead of the curve and be ready to adapt to the next wave of innovation,” the survey states.

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