The Department of Labor on Dec. 27 released a request for information on a proposal for a new financial management system, with an eye towards a potential move to the cloud and data analytics capabilities. Responses are due by 11 AM on January 16.

The RFI notes that while the current financial management system is on-premises, it is based on an application released in 2010, and the department is looking to cloud service as an option for the new system.

“Department of Labor currently operates its own data center in Reston, VA. We are interested to understand the potential cost and timing of activities to move the data center operations into a FedRAMP compliant cloud environment,” the RFI notes.

The RFI also hints at one of the main benefits of a cloud move for Labor–speed.

“Once the financial management system is migrated to a FedRAMP compliant cloud environment, how long will it generally take to stand up a new environment,” the department asks potential vendors. The RFI specifically points to the potential of quickly creating training environments.

The RFI also requests a data analytics solution that “will enable production of out of the box reports, dashboards as well as creation of ad-hoc reports.” The RFI asks about the ability to meet Federal reporting requirements out of the box, and any successful implementations at other agencies.

To find these capabilities, the department is holding a demo day on Jan. 11 to learn what capabilities vendors may have. While the procurement is being led by the CFO’s office, the RFI notes that submissions will be reviewed by the CIO’s office as well.

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