The intelligence community (IC) is establishing a hub in Washington and is encouraging industry and Federal partner collaboration in developing its data-analyzing artificial intelligence (AI) strategy known as the Augmenting Intelligence Using Machines (AIM) Initiative, IC Chief Data Officer Nancy Morgan said today.

Morgan said at the Dell Technologies Forum that the IC has “collected and produced more data in the past two years than in all preceding years, and we expect that trajectory to just go faster.” That ever-growing velocity of collection and production has made sharing and safeguarding information more complex and difficult, she said.

“We live in a time of data abundance, ubiquitous technology, and rapidly emerging technologies,” Morgan said. “We simply do not have enough humans to keep up with the flood of data information coming our way.”

The IC established the AIM Initiative earlier this year to help intelligence agencies create their own data strategy that “will enable the IC analytics workforce to effectively leverage the increasing data volume for decision advantage,” Morgan said.

Morgan updated the progress of the initiative, which involves establishing an AIM Innovation Hub in Washington, and roping in “industry and nontraditional partners” to “rapidly adopt commercial and open-source solutions.”

“We also want to democratize our access to experts to find ways to accelerate the interactions between humans and machines,” Morgan added. She said the IC is reinforcing partnerships across the Defense Department, and that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is investing in AI capabilities that will further help with IC data maintenance and analysis.

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