Let’s make a deal.

If you’re ready to invest a couple hours of time and focus, then UniversIT is ready to deliver to you the latest information on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and military internet of things (IoMT) for government technology applications. Plus a few fringe benefits: you’ll never see a bill for our classes, and there’s no need to hike across campus in the summer heat.

If that seems like a fair trade, then check out two of the must-take courses offered right now on UniversIT, MeriTalk’s online library of training courses to expand your knowledge on all things government IT. UniversIT includes six course choices available today; here are two that are particularly in demand:

The first course – Faster, Smarter, Stronger: Implementing AI/ML in Government – offers a concise primer on how to take advanced technologies from buzzwords to reality.

This course, hosted by AWS IT experts Brad Dispensa, Joe Pringle, and Aaron Sengstacken, begins with the nuts and bolts of automated document management that is crucial to yielding the necessary data to make AI and ML into transformative technologies. The course then lays out how to apply ML applications for cybersecurity, including monitoring for malicious activity and anomalous behavior, improving code quality, and enabling better cyber threat hunting. The course concludes on how to use ML to create fraud detection models to improve fraud reduction results and adapt to changing threat patterns.

The second course – Internet of Military Things: A Deep Dive – delivers practical knowledge about deploying and integrating IoT sensors in military settings, and how to draw powerful data insights from the edge.

Expect to learn how to control, manage, and secure IoMT devices, overcome sensor integration challenges, and collect and structure data to enable real-time, data-driven decisions. Instructors then close the loop by explaining how military organizations can leverage cloud services to support the increased use of robotics, and create multiple test scenario robots.

The best part is that UniversIT strives to fit your learning schedule – open 24/7, and ready to go when you are. We look forward to seeing you in class.

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