As the Federal government continues toward technological modernization, the General Services Administration (GSA) announced yesterday in a blog post that it is offering a new Software License Management (SLM) program–SLM Fast–to more efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively manage software.

“The SLM Fast service capitalizes on the Federal government’s immense purchasing power and GSA’s unique position to coordinate software license procurement and management efforts across agencies,” wrote Bill Zielinski, acting assistant commissioner for GSA’s Office of Information Technology Category.

Zielinski wrote that in April 2016, GSA developed a Software License Management Service (SLMS) for Federal agencies to build robust IT asset management programs. But, he added, SLM Fast is “designed to provide low-impact and quick-start SLMS” and is offered at no cost to qualifying agencies.

SLM Fast can give agencies the guidance to better manage software asset inventories, improve mandate compliances, defend against software audits, and optimize unused software or eliminate long-outdated applications from networks. Zielinski said SLM Fast does this through inventory analysis, a custom dashboard that allows stakeholders to strategically plan investments and cost-reduction efforts, a roadmap to implement a self-sustaining IT asset management program, and SLM maturations.

Through a data-focused approach, Zielinski said SLM Fast focuses on improving cloud-readiness, cybersecurity, MEGABYTE and Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) compliance, and cost savings. It also completes and Office of Management Budget analyses of alternatives for selected Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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