The Department of Defense released a request for information on Thursday for a new solution to securely share information among satellite communications (SATCOM) users. Responses are due by January 25.

The RFI calls for a replacement for the existing Terrestrial Circuit Control Circuit (TCCC) system, which “utilizes outdated software and hardware infrastructures to relay the secure messages across sites, which has been proven to be ineffective and unsuitable.” DoD is using the opportunity to implement “existing state of the art technology.”

To replace the system, DoD is looking for a “secure, reliable, accountable, writer-to-reader messaging network.” The system should support messaging between American SATCOM users and allies, like the so-called Five Eyes nations (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States) and coalition partners. Additionally, the RFI requests a system that can “allow deployed SATCOM users on the network to send and receive messages, regardless of SATCOM frequency band,” and provide physically redundant devices.

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