The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced last week the launch of a new website to host its cybersecurity standards.

The website,, will replace the previous Information Assurance Support Environment (IASE) portal, where the Defense Department (DoD) previously housed its Security Requirements Guides (SRGs) and Security Technology Implementation Guides (STIGs), which provide government and commercial organizations methods for securing their information systems. DoD will no longer update IASE.

DISA Cyber Standards Branch Chief Sue Kreigline said the new cyber exchange portal is for use only by personnel with DoD-issued common access cards, and that it hosts:

  • More than 350 security guides;
  • Security content automation protocols;
  • A STIG viewer capability that enables offline data entry and allows individuals to view several STIGs in a “human-readable format’”;
  • A STIF applicability tool to assist in determining what SRGs and STIGs apply to specific incidents; and
  • A Windows 10 Secure Host Baseline download.

The Cyber Standards Branch also rolled out a STIG collaboration portal with the cyber exchange portal announcement. This collaboration portal will enable subject matter experts to get answers to their questions from peers, rather than working through a help desk. DISA IT Specialist Jason Mackanick said this portal was created in response to questions he received from mission partners about which STIGs applied to them.

“We have content and tools that we’d like to get out to the community in an earlier fashion to get feedback before we go into the production site,” Mackanick said.

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