The Army Materiel Command announced that it merged the positions of CIO and Intelligence, Physical Security Officer as part of the command’s Shape The Fight initiative.

The news, shared in an article written by the Command, noted that the merger of the G-2 and CIO/G-6 position was the first of its kind in the Army.

“Traditionally, a G-2 would not have cyber as a central part of its mission,” said Daniel Bradford, a member of the senior executive service who oversees the combined department. “But we are establishing defensive cyber capabilities by ensuring the cyber division has critical intelligence to inform our actions and protect the logistics enterprise. The intent is to combine intelligence and technology to defend the battle space.”

The article also noted that “the G2 and CIO/G6 merger is focused on building both effectiveness and efficiency in response to tightening budgets.”

“Intelligence collected by the G-2 is invaluable to understanding the cyber threat and permits us to focus our limited resources appropriately. Powerful operational capabilities gained through a combined G2/6 enhances the defensive cyber posture for our mission systems, networks, and facilities,” said Bradford.

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