My Cup of IT: MeriTalk and MeriTocracy?

Is it a noun or a verb? What the heck is a MeriTalk and why were you so dumb to call your publication that? Why not put Fed or Gov in the name – like every title?

Good questions.

So here goes. We gave our publication a different name, because we wanted to stand aside from the other titles – to challenge the status quo in relationships, content, and format. To talk about the outcomes of tech, not just the tech itself.

MeriTalk is named for the notion of MerITocracy – it’s a noun – meaning “government or the holding of power by people selected on the basis of their ability”. MeriTalk is about spotlighting how IT can deliver a society where all citizens have equal access – and those citizens rise based on their abilities. You see, tech can be the great emancipator and give everybody a fair shake. It can provide new transparency and accountability – and take aim at corruption. It should not be used to suppress or perpetuate fake news. Let’s put our tech on the right path for every American.

With the new Biden-Harris administration that’s America’s goal. So, MeriTalk on, dude.

Steve O'Keeffe
About Steve O'Keeffe
The most connected executive in the government technology community – O'Keeffe is an accomplished entrepreneur and tech-policy expert, with 30 years’ experience as an innovator at the crossroads of government and industry. He founded MeriTalk, O'Keeffe & Company, 300Brand, among other entities. O'Keeffe is a fixture on the Hill, in both the House and Senate, testifying on IT, budget, government workforce, and the requirement to modernize government IT to enhance outcomes for the American people and government employees. He is a champion for change, simplification, transparency, and clear communication of IT value without jargon. A committed philanthropist, O'Keeffe has served for 15 years on the USO-Metro Board of Directors – Vice Chairman of the Board and Chair of the Annual Awards Dinner. He started his career as a journalist – O'Keeffe has contributed to The Economist, Government Executive, Signal Magazine, The Washington Post, and, of course, MeriTalk.