For the Army, data is the ammunition of the future fight. Modernizing Army IT and improving data management is key to delivering actionable intelligence where and when it is most needed.

Modernization tools including agile development and DevSecOps can streamline new application delivery, supporting systems that provide warfighters with the information they need to quickly make mission-critical decisions.

Red Hat’s Joel Stein, Rich Lucente, and Phillip Osip share perspectives on building a resilient, reliable Army software supply chain and modern data management strategies.

Building a Resilient, Reliable Army Software Supply Chain – Joel Stein

How can the Department of Defense and U.S. Army adopt modern application development practices to address challenges in the software supply chain?

Improving Army Data Management Strategies for Mission Success – Rich Lucente

How can the U.S. Army navigate data migration and management challenges to deliver more relevant and timely data analysis?

Modernizing Army for Innovation at Scale – Phillip Osip

How can the U.S. Army modernize people, processes, and technology to facilitate innovation at scale?