The Coming Analytics Wave: February 17, 2016

Advancements in big data and predictive analytics have granted agencies an unprecedented ability to leverage information, drive actionable insight, and treat data as an asset. Open source solutions, like Hadoop and similar data-like models, empower agencies to understand constituent needs and deliver personalized services – from real-time traffic and weather updates to neighborhood crime rate analysis and preventative healthcare research. Agencies can even use high performance behavioral analytics to examine networks and spot abnormalities to help detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.

  • How is the influx of data improving agencies ability to deliver services and meet their missions?
  • What challenges do agencies face when attempting to undertake new analytics projects?
  • What are the coming trends in data analytics?
  • How will the Internet of Things impact analytical decision making?
  • How can agencies leverage advanced analytics to fight fraud, waste, and abuse? Has the latest Fraud Risk Management Framework from GAO helped?

Featured Speaker:

Government Accountability Office

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