To stay ahead of ever-smarter hackers, we require more intelligent cyber security. To win we need more Federal cyber defenders – and to equip our cyber experts with better insight and tools. This government-only* breakfast roundtable will consider the artificial intelligence opportunity in Federal cyber security. How can we analyze our way to beat the […]


Chief Technology Officer
Office of Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer, Office of the Secretary
U.S. Air Force
Principal, Government Programs
Federal Alliance Manager
Senior Advisor and Senior Accountable Official for Risk Management
Department of Homeland Security

Now in its fourth year and through the first two phases, DHS’s CDM program offers agencies real-time intelligence to mitigate risks and power decision-making in the event of a cyber attack. While these diagnostic capabilities serve to strengthen agencies’ cyber strategies and accelerate response times, questions regarding the program remain as we proceed towards its final steps. Are its phases defined to address newer attack vectors and emerging threats? Can agencies properly coordinate with industry to purchase security tools and technologies under CDM’s current terms? How might the Presidential Executive Order on Cybersecurity impact the CDM program? […]

Steve O'Keeffe
Steve O'Keeffe [moderator]
Director of Business Development
Vice President of Federal
Tanium, Inc.
Federal CTO
Director of Strategy and Compliance
Tech Data Government Solutions

The Administration’s Cyber EO put risk management accountability square on the shoulders of agency heads – making increased transparency into agencies’ cyber enterprise critical. While a level of threat sharing already exists within the federal government, how can the process evolve to promote transparency, speed up response times and address newly-emerging technologies? How will the latest version of NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework affect agencies cyber strategies? What further guidance is needed for collecting and broader sharing data across the government? Where will that guidance come from and how will we balance keeping focus on traditional security, while trying to achieve security modernization? […]

Chris Cleary [moderator]
Director of Business Development
Office of the Inspector General
Department of Health and Human Services
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Acting Defense Intelligence Officer for Cyber
Defense Intelligence Agency
Melinda Rogers
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Department of Justice

IoT is everywhere. And with this exploding connectivity comes new security concerns and considerations. What security risks must agencies address when implementing IoT solutions or initiatives? Does this risk outweigh reward? What challenges are agencies facing in successfully integrating IoT solutions and devices into their overall cyber strategies? […]

Steve Harris [moderator]
Senior Vice President & GM, Federal
Dell Technologies
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Acting CIO and CISO
Department of Commerce
Chief Technology Officer
National Agricultural Statistics Service

Didn’t make it to Black Hat this year? Get the inside track from Dark Reading Editor-in-Chief Tim Wilson on the 2017 Black Hat Attendee Survey and the 2017 Dark Reading Strategic Security Survey. The session offers a snapshot of the chief threats faced by today’s security pros, their experience with data breaches, their plans for security spending and staffing, and their opinions on many of the industry’s hottest cyber security issues. […]

Tim Wilson
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